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Welcome to Kept For Her, where male chastity and romance come together!  Since October 2004 we have been helping couples on their journey
to a more fulfilling marriage.   A healthy marriage is one of mutual love, affection, trust, intimacy, and desire for one another.  This relationship
is also one of serving one another, giving yourself to the other, trusting and wildly loving one another!  

Male chastity can be one helpful link in a healthy, intimate and romantic marriage (see
Why Chastity).  Keeping your man in chastity can add to
the excitement, intimacy and confidence that he is Kept For You!!  There is a certain bonding that many couples tell us about when the man is
kept in chastity and the relationship begins to focus on areas of mutual interests and enduring qualities and some very quality intimate times
together!!  So ladies, what are you waiting for?  Get your man locked and Kept For You!!

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From Mitchel May 2015
Hi KFH, I wanted to give you my 3 week experience with chastity so far with my holy trainer v2. First off just a little about me.
I'm 31 years old and have been with my loving wife and best friend for 11 years this year and married for 5. My wife and I have
always had a great relationship since the beginning and has only gotten better as we've matured but I had started to notice our
intimacy stalled out a bit. Mostly due to our lack of time to spend any time together, our jobs keep us on opposite schedules and
we rarely get a chance to go out together. Since I was very young, probably 11 I started masturbating and by 15 and the
evolution of the internet I was looking at porn. I just got so used to it that it became natural for me to do this everyday
sometimes multiple times a day. Now fast forward to me being 31, I have kept up the same bad habits and as my and my wife's
schedules became more opposite I think we grew apart a little bit. Well as I was exploring the porn universe online I stumbled
across sights discussing chastity, most were obvious fantasies of men that were probably fabricated but I started to like the idea of
being in chastity and maybe being a cuckold husband (again, thinking with my penis not my brain). I was excited by this
prospect until I came across I don't remember what it was that caught my eye on the sight but I remember
reading the romantic tips for her section. About halfway through I felt extremely guilty about what I'd been doing through our
whole relationship and came to the conclusion that I was inadvertently pushing my wife away because I could satisfy myself
instead of working on our relationship and trying harder for her. I did some more research into male chastity with KFH being
my primary source and I made a choice that I no longer wanted to masturbate, the only one I wanted to touch me was going to
be my wife. After much reading and research I decided to approach my wife about male chastity. At first she was a little taken
aback by it, thinking it was just some sort of kinky sex game I wanted to play. After I explained it to her and the benefits that she
could take advantage of from it she seemed more interested. It took just under a week before she said yes, all the while I kept my
promise to her that I would no longer look at porn or pleasure myself (a whole week was a very long time for me). So I ordered
the holy trainer version 2 from your website.
A few nights after i told her I wanted to do this my wife and I were in our bedroom laying in bed talking about it. I could tell
she had that look in her eyes that she was all on board for this too. She moved in closer and gave me a deep passionate kiss, we
started making out. She said that as soon as I told her I wanted to do this she wanted to f@$# my brains out, and that night
was probably the best sex we'd ever had. The device arrived about 6 days after I ordered it no thanks to our mail man delivering
it to the neighbor, thank god they didn't open it. Now other than the sex we had a week earlier I hadn't been touched or had
done anything. My wife was already home and hadn't opened the box yet with the device in it yet. We finished our nightly
chores and had dinner, after dinner she led me into the bedroom and told me to lay on the bed in a calm commanding tone (I
had given her a book about male chastity a few days earlier and she had powered through it). We laid in bed once more and
she was completely in control. It felt amazing after having not been touched for a week, I don't think I'd been that hard since I
was a teenager. That night when we were done she locked me up. She kept staring at it and giggling reminding me that my
penis is now hers. I love it! This had brought a spicy element into our lives and all of my focus has been on her since I made the
decision I wanted to be chaste. It's been two weeks that I've been in it off and on, more often in it than not.  It appears we are
averaging making love around 6 or 7 days which is nice, keeps me excited and longing for her all week. I've started to feel like I
did when we first met, I get butterflies in my stomach when I know I'm going to see her, I miss her and think about her all the
time when I'm at work. Now I know altogether it's only been 3 weeks of not masturbating but I feel that these changes in my
personality are due to the fact that I wanted to make the choice to focus on my partner and her needs. The chastity device is just
a fun/helpful reminder of how she is in control of my penis and it only comes out for her pleasure. She loves the fact that it's a
real promise with a lock and key. I bought her a pretty charm bracelet that she could proudly wear the key on, only problem is
the key was practically as big as a car key, however I am a jeweler and I was to cut the key way down and I made the back of
the key much smaller and added a white gold piece on that back with a small diamond set into it and a nice personalized
engraving, now it's cute. It's now about the size of a very small lock box key and it works just fine to unlock the magic locker.
We left the other key as it was and is hidden in a safe place. Now she does proudly wear it around and its a fun little secret for
her and I.
I am currently ordering the 45mm ring for my holy trainer because I think the 50mm is too loose. It was fine until right about
the two week mark and it seems like there is a lot more space between the ring and my scrotum. I found I was easily able to slip
out of it last night (under supervision of course). I was expecting for it to at least be painful to get out of but it wasn't, I know it's
not going to impossible to get out but at least some degree of difficulty would be nice. When I first got the device it felt tighter
and more secure so now I think a smaller ring is the way to go. So in summary, even though my wife and I already a great
relationship this has improved it that much more. I feel like a nicer more positive and confident person. I love the feeling that I
really want to strive for my wife to make her happy like I used too. I used to get a little annoyed when she'd ask me for back and
foot rubs, now I ask her if I can rub her and I love doing it every night, I love spoiling her. Even though things were good this
helped take care of my bad habit and refocus my energy on more important things and the benefits to both of us have been well
enjoyed so far. I think I will be kept in chastity for a long time considering how much my wife enjoys this.

From S.G. in Germany (April 2014)

Thank you for the quick response. This is one of the reasons why I keep returning to Kept for Her for service, you are always
honest, helpful, and do your best to research and provide the best quality product. Your service is and has always been above
what one would call A++ service.I have done business with Kept for Her for about 10 years.

From Catherine and Mark (February 2014)

My guy and I absolutely love your product.  We have the cb 6000s, and it is just perfect. We got it because, like many of your
users, he was masturbating far too often, and that left little or no desire for mutual play. It was just too easy for him to rip it and
grip it, and that had to stop.

I made it pleasurable for him when I first introduced it to him, which I think helps.  After showering with him, shaving him
(highly recommended, really cuts down the discomfort level of pinched hairs- I got that tip online) and then after I pleasured
him orally I suggested that maybe this might help us keep that sort of fun in our lives...he reluctantly agreed, but that was all I
needed. I put it on him myself, a little ritual that we have maintained.

He wears it all the time now, and has gotten so accustomed to it that he actually does not like to be without it. I think the fact
that I put it on him and take it off myself has made it so he connects the experience of me putting it on him with pleasure.
Whatever the reason, it works. Like some other users, we have introduced panties into the mix as well, but that would not be
essential, I guess. It's been good for us, but different strokes, as they say.

From Will November 2013

Thank you the the great service and very fast turnaround time. Having never worn a chastity cage before, John took the time to
explain various measurements I should take. Given that I purchased a Holy Trainer, there isn't much margin for error, as it only
comes with one ring. But it's perfect because of the time you took with me! The product is fantastic. I've been in it more than out
of it for my first four days. It's comfortable to wear day and night and is undetectable under clothing. And as much I can
endorse the HT, I endorse Kept For Her even more! Thank you again.

From Pete October 2013

Recently I confessed my desire to my wife that I wanted her to take control of our marriage of 17 years by placing me in
chastity. After a couple of weeks of conversation she decided to place an order for a cb6000s with the kds g3. The package
arrived two days latter and I was immediately put into my new reality. The kds enhancement made wearing my device a bit
more uncomfortable, but impossible for me to break free. After three days of continual wear I began to get used to the device
and the mental stress and excitement if being totally focused on my wife. The results are amazing as I am a better man and
husband to the woman I love. Thank you for assisting my wife in making the right purchase and making her comfortable in a
lifestyle change that has enhanced our relationship.  

From Brian August 2013

I just want to take a moment and thank you for all of your patience and help regarding my chastity follies.  As a consumer I
understand there is a certain level of risk associated with the purchase of a sex or bdsm toy off of the internet.  As a consumer I
understand that the product may not be what I expected it to be or of the quality it should be.  The fact you take the time to
discuss with me the issues and work with the manufactures to remedy any issues in a manner that you have has been awesome.  
I wasn't expecting you to help find a replacement when I reached out but you did.  

You can bet that I will pass on my experience to anyone who is interested in any of these devises.  Not only have they
accentuated my marriage but the support you provide us newbies to navigate the information and products are amazing.

Thank you and Yours for your website and support!

WHY WE LOVE MALE CHASTITY - sent in by a Husband and Wife -

Steve and I (Carrie) have been married for 12 years.  Overall we have had a good marriage.  However, I have caught Steve
masturbating a few times, which really hurt me.  He then confided that he would like to have sex every day or even twice a day
and that I am not fulfilling him sexually.  I'm just not there.  For me, maybe every week or every other week is more than
enough.  We talked about going to a counselor, but don't have the money to do that.

I was surfing the net one night and put in some search terms on marital help.  Among many sites I came across yours.  I was
intrigued.  While I have never even owned a vibrator (now I have several!!!  ;-)  ) I read your Why Chastity page and you
addressed our very issue.  I did not tell him about all of this.

While we were having sex one night I asked if I could measure him for fun while he was erect and then when relaxed and then
figured I needed the CB-6000 Regular based on your sizing chart.  I ordered it with the G3's.  The day it arrived I prepared a
nice meal and called him to make sure he would be home at his regular time.  I put a note on the front door telling him to go
straight to the bathroom.  I met him there and told him to undress.  He had never heard me talk to him that way.  I then told
him to get in the tub.  I had him get cleaned and all shaven.  Then I took him by the hand and had him come into the

There I had him stand in front of me as I admired his manhood.  Then, I showed him the CB-6000 and told him that he would
be getting into this.  He wondered why and I told him that I would now be in charge of our sex lives for the good of the
marriage.  It was some effort as he was getting erect and we were trying different rings, spacers, and pins.  But he got in, together
with the G3.  Then I had another surprise for him.  He was to make sure I was well-taken care of that night.  I had the time of
my life... he was frustrated!!

It has been 3 months now and I can tell you that male chastity has totally changed our relationship!!  He does not force himself
on me sexually, he is more understanding, polite and kind to me.  He kindly does what I ask him and then he knows that when
I am ready, the 6000 will come off.  Even our two daughters see a difference.  Thank you Tom and Susie, for your wonderful
products and web site.


From Steve (Kept for Jenny)

My wife and I recently bought a CB6000 from you, your service as always is simply the best. I asked you to place a note inside it
to my darling wife. The essence of the note was a bible verse  part of which reads    "Likewise the husband does not have
authority over his own body, but the wife does".  Well how wonderfully true that verse is, it gives me a lump in my throat every
time I read it, I also love it. Well Susie did put the note in the package with some nice tissue paper.
I got home on Monday night and she told me she received a note, she was beaming over it so thanks for the personal service.

My wife asked me to put on the device which I did and she then padlocked it and put her key on a gold chain which she wears
all the time.  Now I'm hers , now I cant displease her and I belong to her and love it.  I would be a liar if I said and we all lived
happily ever after, were on a journey and have only just begun. I think she will learn to take on the role of my loving
keyholding wife as time goes by. I also have a lot to learn too and I think there is something so wonderfully nice about be kept
for her.  Next week we will celebrate 32 years of marriage, and one thing I realise is this, life is better when she is in control, it is
what wives do best, care and love.  As for me my motto is this "Loved and kept under wifely authority" and that is how it has
to be in my case.  As I said when I started nobody gives better honest to the core customer service and genuine care than


From Lindsay

We can't believe what a change male chastity has made in our marriage!!!  Tim and I have been married for 17 years and love
one another.  But Tim admitted his obsession with masturbating because I was not attentive to him.  He wanted to change.  We
decided to search the Internet to find how people deal with the problem.  We came across many websites, and some that dealt
with male chastity.  We had never heard of such a thing.  We read many of the things you wrote about on the site.  Some of the
sites were rather vulgar.  We came to yours and even your colors spoke of male (blue) and female (pink), and it is such a clean
site.  Anyway, I later ordered a CB-6000 and the KSD-G3's.  It arrived in 2 days... wow!!  I called Tim at work and told him
that we were going to have a special evening.  When he came home I greeted him and told him to take some time, get a shower,
get shaved and come into the TV room.  When he came in I had the CB-6000 out.  Oh, if I just had a camera to catch the look
on his face.  You see, he did not know I ordered one for him.  So, I told him that I would help him get it on and we did (that
was a little chore seeing that he was a bit, let's say, excited).  The first lockup was for 2 days to make sure he was doing ok.  
Then we went to 5 days.  Now he is in his 11th day.  It is very frustrating for him but he is leaning that I will not tolerate
masturbation.  We will write back to let you know how it is going.  Thank you from a grateful wife... and husband!!   

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