The CB-5000 PA Chastity Device
The Newest CB Creation!
Her Delight (coming soon!)
This is the newest male chastity device to come on the market.  The New CB-5000 is a unique penis sleeve that attaches by
using a PA ring.  This is a great alternative for the man who has a PA piercing of at least 5 gage and does not want a full
cage attached to a back ring.  It would also be a nice change for the man with a PA that is normally in a full CB device.
CB-5000 PA Chastity Device
The CB-5000 is for the man who already has a PA piercing of at least 8 gage. Included is a snap-on extender to the cage, 2 keys, and 9 PA hooks; 3 different length radius hooks in each of the following gages: 4, 6, and 8
As you can see, this is a sleeve that will fit
over the head and penis and attach by
feeding one of the PA rings through the
bottom of the front of the tube and through
the PA piercing in the head of the penis.  
Once it is fully fed through, the lock will
catch on the PA ring and hold it permanently
in place.  There will be no getting out
without the key.

The tube comes in three different inside
diameters.  Depending on the width of your
shaft, choose a size that is right for you.
The CB-5000 does not qualify
for Free Priority Shipping in
the USA.

• 2 3/4" length
• Your choice of diameter – 1”, 1 1/8”, 1 1/4”
• Now with Nine Hooks included: 4, 6 & 8 Gauge
Hooks – 3 radiuses each gauge

Package includes:
• One cage with built in cam lock;
• Nine hooks – Three gauges (4, 6 & 8 gauge hooks) – 3
hook radiuses each gauge;
• An extender to make the cage portion longer if
• A leather strap to help guide the penis through the
cage portion;
• Two keys
• Handy black zippered carrying case