CB-6000 and CB-6000 SHORT
The Latest Male Chastity Device!
Kept For Her is pleased to announce the newest in Male Chastity products!  The CB-6000 is a newly designed male chastity device intended to
maintain the male in chastity and loving sexual control of the male.  Everything is new... the tube, the cuff rings, the attachments.  We believe this is   
the most comfortable CB device that has ever hit the market.  It is also stylish, highly concealable, and fit to be worn for long periods of lockup.
Her Delight (coming soon!)
You will love this revolutionary design initially introduced in

The tube is flatter on top and the underside where it is coming
down to meet the "head" similar to the natural shape of the
penis.  The tube points downward and the head is a nice size
to give attention to that wonderful part of the male anatomy.   
The cage has vent holes on both sides, not on the top and
bottom.  The cage is sonic welded, with the seam running
along the top and bottom.

The Cuff Rings are a solid 3-piece construction, doing away
with the hinge.  They will be much easier to put on and take
off and much more comfortable for long-term wear.  The rings
comfortable wear as well.  The inside top of the ring is
somewhat flat that helps prevent pullout.

The locking pins (4 of them) are not round but have an oval
shaped shaft.  When you push the locking pin through the ring
and cage, it can only go through one way.  Then when you
put the lock through the hole of the locking pin, the lock
cannot twist around since the locking pin shaft is not round
but oval.

The CB-6000 tube will not mate up to the earlier Cuff Rings of
the CB-2000, CB-3000 or Curve.  Nor will the older tubes mate
up to the rings or attachment parts of the CB-6000.

The vent holes are on the side.  On the CB-3000 the vent holes
are on top and there are times when the padlock would rub on
flesh that would stick out of the vent holes during arousals.
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6000 Regular Tube
This is the CB-6000 tube by itself.
CB-6000 SHORT Tube
This is the CB-6000 SHORT tube only. If you currently have a CB-6000, the SHORT tube will fit with the hardware for the regular CB-6000.
L to R - BirdLocked Classic, CB-6000
SHORT and CB-6000 Regular
CB-6000 Regular Full Package
CB-6000 SHORT and Regular
When measuring the 6000
SHORT, it is 2-1/2" long
when measuring the top
center line from the top plate
to the front of the tube (head
end).  If you measure from
the underside tube opening to
the front of the tube, it is 2".

KSD-G3 works great
with the SHORT tube.  The
front lip of the KSD-G3
comes right to where the tube
flares out for the head.

NOTE - If you fairly well fill
up the 6000 Regular tube, the
SHORT will definitely be
short for you.  You may find
that some skin protrudes out
of the front slot.

If you are 3" or shorter when
soft, go for the Short.  If over
3-1/2" or longer, get the
Regular.  Measure from the top
of the penis down to the head
when soft (relaxed).

Here's why...  when you put on
the whole unit, it always hangs
about 3/4" away from the
body.  The ring is 1/4" wide,
then there is a spacer, and then
the tube.

So if you are 3-1/2" long and
the tube is 2-1/2", you can see
that with the unit hanging
away from the body a bit and
some space taken up by the
ring and spacer, it will fit you
CB-6000 Rings, Base Pieces, Spacers, Locking Pins and Plastic Locks are Here!
Chastity Security Locks
You will receive 20 Plastic locks that are numbered for security. These locks are very durable, easy to put on, and with a strong twist, they will break off.
Plastic Locks
Ten plastic locks are included in the package.
CB-6000 Full Package Clear
Add KSD?
Add Points of Intrigue?
The CB-6000 Clear Full Package comes with all 5 rings, four locking pins, four spacers, tube, and lock and 5 plastic locks.
CB-6000 SHORT Full Package
Add KSD?
Add Points of Intrigue?
The CB-6000 SHORT is the exact same as the CB-6000 except that the tube is only 2-1/2" long. The Full Package comes with the tube, four locking pins/spacers, five rings, base pieces, lock and two keys.
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