Blindfolds and Gags
Keeping them under control!
Her Delight (coming soon!)
Your plaything will see no evil and speak no evil when strapped into this ball gag and blindfold head harness.
Soft leather blindfold and 1.5 inch red rubber ball gag. Head Harness is fully adjustable to fit all sizes.

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decide! The gag fits snugly in the mouth and the sturdy buckled straps adjust for the utmost comfort and security.

Measurements: Gag measures approx. 3.5 inches in length and approx. 5 inches in circumference. Harness adjusts from 18-27.5 inches around.
Material: Non-toxic ABS plastic.
Color: Red.
Note: Includes free satin mask!
Breathable Gag
Gag and Blindfold
Saddle up! With this Locking Trainer Gag made from silicone. This gag is perfect for those into pony
play. This gag has a chin strap for extra support as well as straps that go behind and over the head.
There are two locking buckles in the back to make sure your little pony does not run off. Once your
sub is strapped in they will find this gag to be very comfortable and since the gag is made from
silicone it has no odor or taste. Locks are not included with gag.
depended on for a tight yet comfortable fit and outstanding durability.
Leather Muzzle Gag
Trainer Gag