Her Delight
Enjoyment like the real thing!
Her Delight (coming soon!)
Please see dimensions
on the lower left.  We
have had some folks tell
us it was too hard or too
big for them.  Compare
it to your natural size.  
Our desire is to provide you with enjoyable products for your intimate

Welcome to our newest product, Her Delight.  Her Delight was first
designed in the summer of 2005 and has gone through many alterations
and well thought-out upgrades.  In addition to Kept For Her's initial
design, three engineers with plastics and design experience were involved
in multiple revisions and upgrades.

Her Delight can be used by a male in chastiy that has been let out of his
chastity device only to be inserted into Her Delight or he can hang out.
Also, Her Delight can be a wonderful addition to your intimate time
when she desires some prolonged enjoyment.

Her Delight also has application for the male who has Erectile
Dysfunction due to age and/or health issues.  It will allow the man to
continue to be intimate with his lady in a very realistic manner.

Her Delight is constructed out of plastic that is easily sterilized, it is
non-porous, it is hypo allergenic, very durable and can be molded to
various degrees of flexibility.  In short, the plastic was chosen because it
will give you a realistic-feeling intimate experience for a long time to

All of the small hardware pieces are injection molded as well from a very
strong PVC plastic blend for strength and durability.  The tolerances on
all of the hardware are very tight in order to keep Her Delight in place
and comfortable.

These pictures show the new flesh pink color Her Delight.  We are
considering coming out with other colors later.  Our good friends at
Tickleberry suggested black as a possible option.  That has been a popular
color for their toys.

Her Delight blends a sensual mix of a nice rigid shaft with a softness and
flexibility.  It is about 6-1/2" long and 1-3/4" wide.  On the top side you
will notice some very gentle ridges that will stimulate her just the way she
likes.  Also, on the underside there is an enhanced vein that can be easily
felt by her.  We included subtle veins on the sides and a nicely shaped
head with realistic ridge.  You will also see the slight upward curve of
the shaft.  We wanted every detail to speak of the real thing.

The inside of Her Delight is hollow for about 4-1/2" so that the man can
be inserted inside.  Or, if he wants to hang on the outside, the back end is
slanted away to give plenty of comfort when Her Delight is attached and
pulled close to the back ring.  All of the edges have well-designed
rounding to them.

Her Delight mounts up to the same solid or hinged rings that come with
the CB-2000, CB-3000, or Curve chastity devices.  However, we specially
designed the attaching hardware so that there would not be any locks on
the front side of the attaching plant that would cause discomfort to the

1 - Her Delight Dildo
3 - Different length horizontal pins
3 - Different length spacers
2 - Side alignment pins
1 - Vertical pin that pushed down through the top of Her Delight into
the horizontal in
5 - Hinged Rings ranging from 1-1/2" to 2" in 1/8" increments

All of the above without the 5 hinged rings

Everything about Her Delight speaks of the real thing, or maybe even
Usable Length:  
6-1/2" or 16.5cm
1-3/4" or 44.45mm
1-1/2" or 38mm
Length of Inside Cavity:
The inside cavity is 4.5"
or 11.4cm long for more
Measure of Rigidity:
If Jello is a 1 and total
hardness is a 10, Her
Delight could be about a  
7.5 or 8.  The male penis,
when erect, is quite hard.  
Her Delight is not a soft
jelly-like dildo.  We tried
to duplicate the hardness
of the male penis.  You
can squeeze in on it a bit
and it will bend up and
down, but not a lot.  
You cannot bend the
male penis when erect
If you would like to lock Her Delight onto your
man, you can use the attachment pieces that came
with your CB-2000, 3000, or Curve.  If you don't
have these attachment pieces, you can order them
through the
accessories page.
Here is another way to attach Her Delight.  You
can use the locking pins provided with the
CB-2000, CB-3000, or Curve and push the Her
Delight vertical pin through the locking pin hole.  
If you do not have the locking pins, you can
order them through our
accessories page.
This is the standard way to attach Her Delight.  
What you see is the way to attach it to the back
ring with the attachment hardware provided with
each Her Delight.
Her Delight was made to mate up to the
rings of the CB-2000, CB-3000 or Curve.  
The rings of the CB-6000 are made so that
you must use the locking pin of the
CB-6000.  Therefore, you will have to
connect the Her Delight like shown in the
lower left and lower middle pics.
(Update February 2015)

Due to problems with the manufacturer (who
may have gone out of business), we'e unable to
determine a date as to when (or if) this will
ever be available.

If you would like to be notified if this product
were to become available, please send us an
email and we will keep you updated as we
progress toward a re-launch date. You'll be
offered a pre-launch discount!