Security for the CB-6000 and 6000S
The KSD-G3 is designed to work with the CB-6000, CB-6000 Short and the CB-3000 (with minor modification).  The G3 is a totally new design,
different from the KSD-G2.  It is incredibly easy to put on and take off and comfortable to wear!  To make is work with the CB-3000 or Curve you will have
to modify it by taking 1/16" off of the top inside of the locking pin hole so that it will drop down 1/16".  It will not work with the CB-2000.

The G3 incorporates two "ribs" that are designed to keep the shaft in place and not allow for pulling out.  The front rib has a slight forward slant to push the
shaft forward.  The rear rib along with the front rib are designed to push down, thus preventing unwarranted pulling out by the male.  All of the surfaces are
smooth and edges are rounded for a comfortable fit and long-term wear.

There is no more measuring... you will receive all three sizes for one price.  The "A" is the largest, meant for a soft shaft width of about 1-1/2".  The "B" is
for a soft shaft width of 1-3/8", and the "C" is for a soft shaft width of about 1-1/4".  
See instructions below for putting the G3 on and getting a good fit.
See some Customer's comments on the KSD-G3 below
KSD-G3 Instructions below
How to put the G3 on.

There are three sizes of the KSD-G3.  The "A" size is meant for a soft shaft measuring close to 1-1/2" or 38mm across.  The "B" size is meant for a soft shaft
measuring close to 1-3/8" or 35mm across.  The "C" size is meant for a soft shaft measuring close to 1-1/4" or 31mm across.

1.  Put the back ring on together with the back piece that has the two alignment posts and the small front piece that goes over the two pins.  Now the large
ring is complete.

2.  Insert the locking pin through the ring and put the spacer on the locking pin.

3.  Put some lubricant on the head and shaft.  We even suggest using body wash or bar soap and working it into a lather and putting it on.

4.  Put the CB-6000 tube on over the head and shaft, getting the head and shaft inside the tube as far as possible.  Do not pull the tube onto the alignment pins
and locking pin.  Keep the tube separate from them for now.

5.  Take one of the G3's.  While the tube is on the head/shaft, angle the tube more downward while taking the G3 and inserting into the tube by slanting the
G3 up and along the inside upper surface of the tube.  While you are doing this, you will need to squeeze the two sides of the shaft on the outside of the tube
so that you do not get skin pinched between the G3 and the tube.  By slanting the tube down and angling the G3 up, you are wanting to keep skin from
getting caught between the G3 and the upper inside surface of the tube.

6.  Once you think you have the G3 in place, look to see if you can see the whole top side of the G3 and that no skin is trapped between the G3 and the tube.  
If skin is trapped, pull the G3 out just a bit, continue to angle it up against the inside top of the 6000 tube, and put it back in place.

7.  When you have the G3 in place and no skin is trapped between it and the inside upper surface of the tube, you are ready to pull the tube over the
alignment pins and the locking pin.

8.  As you pull the tube up, make sure that you don't get pinched by the alignment pins, locking pin or G3.

9.  Put the lock through the locking pin hole.

10.  Flush out all lubricant.  Our Cleaning Kit is a great way to stay clean at all times.  Use some Q-tips to dry off inside of the tube.  We do not suggest
leaving soap and/or lubricant on the head/shaft while inside the tube.  It is best to stay clean and dry while in chastity.

Checking For Problems And Getting A Good Fit
As you are deciding which G3 is right for you, make sure you have access to the key just in case you have problems.  The way that you would know that the
G3 is too tight is that you will have a difficult time urinating and there can be a change in color on your shaft.  After a day of wearing the cage and G3, take
the cage off and inspect the shaft for any problems.  If you are able to urinate freely and there are no problems, you have the correct G3.  

Along with comfort is security.  Are you able to pull out?   If you can, you should consider using the next smallest G3.  If you are between sizes, you can use
some sandpaper and take off some plastic from a smaller G3 to open it up a bit to fit you better.  Only take off about 1/32" or 1mm at a time from the front
and rear ribs.

Modifying the KSD-G3
There is a bit of play where the G3 fits into the tube.  If that causes you trouble, you can bend out the sides of the G3 for a tighter fit in the tube.

Also, you may want to get a tighter fit on the front tab by bending it down just a bit if you are between sizes.

Take a container that can go into the microwave, like a coffee cup.  Put about 3 inches of water in it.  Put it in the microwave and bring it to a boil.  Put the
KSD-G3 into the cup and boil for another 30 seconds.

Take out the G3 and now you can bend out the two sides and/or you can bend down the front tab for more security.  Once you bend out the sides
immediately put it back in your tube so that it will harden up to fit the inside of your tube nice and snug.  

You can modify the G3 as often as you desire.  The important thing is that you are both comfortable and secure in your male chastity device.
Her Delight (coming soon!)
KSD-G3 for CB-6000
Now available in PINK! The G3 prevents pulling out of the CB-6000 chastity device. It is very easy to put on and take off and comfortable to wear. You will receive all three sizes; A, B and C.
The "Clear" color is about 70%
see-through, not totally clear.
Save half off the price of the KSD-G3.
Must be ordered from the page that the CB item is being ordered from!

Now available in
The CB-6000 devices that are well made, light, reasonably priced, but not 100% secure. Well all that has changed now thanks to you and your wonderful
device.  We recently purchased a CB-6000 and KSD-G3 and finally have a secure device to use. My wife is over the moon with just how effective the KSD-
G3 is and how helpless it makes me!  Finally she is in the position to keep me properly locked and kept for her she cannot thank you enough.  Already our
relationship has benefited so much using chastity and in my heart of hearts I know I am on the way to being the husband and lover my wife truly deserves
now my own selfish sport has been curtailed. Once again sincere thanks from the both of us.

Steven & Teresa

Prior to getting the KSD-G3, I could easily pull out and get back in.   Now, even when I am relaxed, I am unable to pull backwards.  The G3 is
comfortable and makes the chastity experience secure.  My wife especially thanks you!

Strangely enough, in a world where advertised benefits of products are often just hooks to catch unwary shoppers, the KSD-G3 is actually what it says: very
comfortable and secure!  Maybe this makes it the cruelest chastity device add-on you’ve come up with to date?  Chaste Regards, MC

Great job- !!!   The KSD-G3 arrived today and I tried it right away- Wow! I am impressed!    Item #1- the fit is great- it is a pure stroke on ingenuity and
smart design the way the tip of the KSD G-3 hooks into the gap between the tip and shaft absolutely preventing pull out!    Item #2 the device when
installed per you directions is quite comfortable and easy, simple to install.  Thank you for the opportunity to experience it.  Great job!!!  Edward, PhD

The KSD-G3 is very nice and absolutely perfect!

Thank you!!!  My KSD-G3 arrived today.  The fitting was a little tricky as I kept getting aroused but after a few tries, we got it. It's been on for about 2
hours and it works very well.  I have been trying to get out and there is NO WAY!  Thanks again, Brian