A Novice Wife's Journey Into Male Chastity

My husband made my initial introduction to the world of male chastity play in May, 2004.  Actually, he first approached the
subject by asking "my thoughts" on the idea.  I didn't know enough to make any intelligent response, so I just said "no way - not
interested - way too kinky."  At the time, he didn't tell me he had already ordered a Curve package.

Before I had time to consider the proposition and ramifications, the package arrived,  My husband was soon shaved and fitting
himself for the correct ring size.  It was sort of intriguing - but I still didn't understand the dynamics of chastity play, nor why my
husband felt compelled to be "locked up."

From my perspective, our intimate life was satisfactory - maybe a little "routine", but I was sure, probably better than some.  I
wasn't as much of an initiator as my husband would have liked - but I was usually willing and responsive.  I soon became
acquainted with the term "vanilla" and agreed that probably described our intimate life.

The first weeks were confusing and frustrating not only for my husband but also for me.  I learned that he had been masturbating,
pleasuring himself alone - probably contributing to some of his dissatisfaction with our intimate times together.  I struggled with
the idea that he was "locking himself" away
from me.  I had yet to understand my role.

Because I wanted both to understand and "do it right", I read everything I could.  Thankfully, there are some very informative web
sites.  Some articles I could not relate to, some were outside my preconceived notion of how our relationship should work.  I was
very unsure of myself when it came to being in control, of "owning" my husband's member and the art of the tease.  I had been
much more comfortable with straightforward, "hand and in" to-the-climax sex.

We played some simple dice games to help me get into controlling the length of lock-up.  I continued to re-read articles.  I made
notes of my own ideas for "contractual agreements" - even though we've never used one.  It was simply to help me get the mind set
of control.

By the end of the first year (about 80% of the time he was locked 24/7 with about weekly releases and allowing to cum) my thoughts
had progressed some.  I now thought chastity had possibilities, though still a little "kinky".  I still was unsure how to play it to my
full advantage.

During the second year I've come to look at my husband's enforced chastity as not just play, but more of a lifestyle.  A satisfied
lifestyle that allows us more sexual compatibility than ever.  I'm in control in a fun way - now I am the initiator (which pleases my
husband).  He is not able to pleasure himself unless I say (which pleases me).  I am learning to tease better - he is sexually frustrated
to the point that when I do release him with the promise of an orgasm, he also views "straightforward" sex as a real treat.

Heading into our third year I still have much to learn.  I enjoy the extra attentiveness from my husband.  I get a kick out of the
"click" of the lock as I lock him up after a "tease and denial" session.  I enjoy my mind's picture of him caged under his clothes.  

Each individual or couple approaches and experiences their journey into male chastity differently.  If the make-up of your
relationship allows, take time to talk about expectations.  Try to learn from others - again, the web is a wealth of information.  
Expect both "success and failures" in your experimentation with different chastity hardware, tease and denial, and length of

Relax - enjoy!