Games & Tips for Enjoying His Chastity
Give her the pleasure and romance she deserves!!
Do you have some fun ideas and games that you use to make the chastity experience exciting?  Please send them to and we will review them and post them.
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Dice Game Idea - Jake and Leilana
My wife and I tried the dice game on your website and loved it. However we changed it up a little bit to add some mystery. On
Sunday night before we go to bed I put on the chastity device. Then we take out two dice. Either her or I rolls the dice (her
choice who rolls) and we add up the number. Two sixes, I stay in for 12 days. Sounds simple right? Here is the twist, on the
12th day I roll again and add those up. Say a 3 and 5. Then I stay in eight more days. To get out I must roll snake-eyes ( two
1's). We have been playing about a year and I have gotten out three times. I am out for the entire day and I am free to have sex
anyway I choose and as much as I want. The variation is that she can pick the number I have to roll before we start that day.
This actually makes it easier for me, that is why we don't use it anymore. So lets say I was locked up for the past five days. She
will tell me I have to roll a 10 to be released. If I don't I am locked up for the total of the dice. She always picks low numbers to
give me more odds of hitting the big ones. Also remember that this doesn't stoop her from having orgasms in the meantime.

Multiple Keys
This game is will use a combination of dice and multiple keys.  (Note:  You will need keys of the same type that you have for
your CB lock.  They can be obtained at hardware stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and even places like Walgreens in their little
hardware aisle.)  Here is an idea of how to play it.  You add your own variation(s).

First a dice is rolled (or two dice) for number of days of lockup.  If one die is used and a five is rolled, there are five days of

Then, either one or two dice are rolled for the number of hours or minutes of release.  If you plan to use the dice for minutes,
put a multiple of 10 to them.  For instance, two dice are rolled and the total is 8.  You can make that 8 hours or 80 minutes of

Now comes the day where there is a possible release.  This will require that you have maybe 8 keys that are the same type that
you have for your lock.  You want more keys that the number on one dice to make things interesting.

Now, roll one dice.  If the number is even, you continue to play the key game.  If the number is odd, you let your chastened
male out of his cage for the allotted time.  This adds one more level of intrigue and suspense!!  He’s not sure whether he will get
out or have to choose some keys.

IF the number is even, put the keys in a bag of some sort that his hand will fit into.  Now, roll a single die.  If the number is 4,
you get to choose 4 of the 8 keys.  If one of the keys allows your lock to come open, then you get the allotted time out that the
dice determined.  If none of the keys open your lock, you roll the dice again to determine the number of days of additional

Keyholders, remember to have mercy on your chastened loved one.  Don’t let them go too long without at least letting them out
for a good hand tease and back in without an orgasm.

Beat the Clock
My wife and I picked up at another web site and then modified it to incorporate the Dice Game.  We start with the Dice Game
-- she rolls one die (she does have the option to call two rolls at the beginning if she is feeling frisky to 'keep me there'....this is
almost identical to the Dice Game already posted on this board).  After the roll(s) we now know how many days I will not be
permitted a release.  At this end of this period (let's use four days just as an example) I am tied down to the bed and released
from my device.  She then sets an alarm.  Anywhere from fifteen minutes to two hours -- I never know how long....that is part
of the fun of it all.  She then teases me in whatever way(s) she should so choose attempting, with my oral responses to keep me
as close to the 'edge' as possible.  When the alarm goes off then it is 'Beat the Clock Time'.  She sets another alarm for 30 secs and
proceeds to attempt to give me an orgasm within that time frame -- not much time, I know, but that is the charm of it!  If I
orgasm within that time...good deal, if not then I am out of luck.  Either way I am cleaned up and back into the device
immediately and the die is rolled again for the next go around.  We don't use this game all the time, usually just the die with
extended teases in between total release....but it is a fun one.  And, certainly keeps you on your toes, so to speak

Take A Spin
Here's a fun idea.  Take the spinner from a game that you have in your home.  Cut out some pictures of some intimate things
that would be fun in your time together.

Paste each picture around the spinner .  When your wife spins an the spinner points to a certain picture, you get to carry out that
idea.  If you can't find a spinner, use a dice and assign numbers to each picture.

Dice Game
Here's a fun game to play and all you need is one dice (you can use 2 or more for some real serious chastity time!).  The
Keyholder takes the dice and prior to rolling it, she announces whether or not she will roll a second time after the first roll.  
Now she rolls and whatever number comes up is how many days the CB wearer stays in chastity.

IF she announced that she would roll a second time, she now rolls.  If the number that comes up is a 2, 4, or 6, her first number
gets doubled.  So if her first roll was a 4 and she rolled a second time and got a 2, the wearer is now in chastity for 8 days
instead of 4.

If she rolled a second time and the number was 1, 3, or 5 her first roll stays at whatever it was.

By announcing ahead of time whether or not she would roll twice, the Keyholder is kept from attempting to lengthen the time
in chastity if on her first roll she got a real low number and then said, "Hey, let me roll again and get a higher number!"

Now, the wearer gets to roll.  Whatever number he rolls he multiplies times 10 to get the number of minutes he is let out of
chastity for play.

Note:  instead of the roll of the die equalling days, the roll could be translated into weeks or months!

Here's a variation that was sent in:
My former Keyholder loved the dice game, but SHE would just multiply the two rolls together i.e. if she rolled 2 6's then 36
days.  If SHE rolled snake eyes (two ones) then it was up to HER to decide on the length

Numbers Take On New Meaning
Assign to numbers some type of intimate act that the chaste man will perform for the Keyholder.  Make up these acts together.  
For instance, 1 may be a very sensual back rub, a 2 may be drawing a wonderful bath with candles and bubbles.  A 3 may be
you fulfilling some chores for her and giving her a break.  A 4 may be a sensual evening out.  You get the idea.

Now, you the Keyholder get to place a card with a number on it on the steering wheel of your man's car or tape it to the mirror
in the bathroom, anywhere where he will see it.  Along with the number you may have a note saying when you expect the act
to be fulfilled.  He will not be able to get his mind off of you and will look forward to whatever you are asking him to do.  

Blindfolded Evening
Make up a blindfold for your man.  Also, have some comfortable ropes with which you can secure his hands to the bed, his
legs, or something.  Now, while he is blindfolded, you can begin to tease and deny him.  Be creative and think of ways that he
will enjoy.  Maybe at the end you will allow him a sexual release, or maybe he will have to get back into his chastity device and
wait until the next time.  Your call!!

Miscellaneous Ideas Sent In

•        The wife is to be served by her husband, having her needs met first.  Only after she is satisfied, should the husband have
any of his needs met, and only at her permission.
•        Wife sets out her undergarments and has the husband dress her.  While he is doing that, she is giving directions where she
wants to be touched, kissed, etc.  She may have an orgasm if she pleases, of course.
•        Husband is allowed to serve wife in the following ways: trim and paint nails, put her jewelry on her, give massages of full
body, including feet; and any other way the wife wants, all for her pleasure.
•        Wife, after receiving what she desires, may let husband out of his chastity device to be brought to the point of release by
her hands or other method, but then stops prior to ejaculation!  This may be a cycle of a few times, but the idea is to cage up the
husband without orgasm, thus again adding to the anticipation of when he will achieve release.  
•        The husband will achieve release only with the permission of the wife, when she is satisfied first.  Premature ejaculation,
or ejaculation without permission, can be costly!!
•        You could have a short chain or braided steel cable with looped ends, with a lock.  You run the chain or cable through
the slits in the end of the tube and around the bedpost and lock the ends together.  He is stranded while you are enjoying
yourself.  He gets to watch!
•        Create penalties for not being attentive enough, helping with chores, etc.  A good way to tease!  Cleaning, ironing, folding
clothes, cleaning bathrooms, etc.  There may be a project that you want done.  Create a reward for the completion of it.
•        Little reward for going to a special event, etc.
•        His release is contingent upon fulfillment of your desires.  You set that and have fun.  He will love being locked up for
you and by you!  Enjoy to your fullest!!!  He will!
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